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For more than twenty years Hoselton Studios has been bringing you unique hand-cast aluminum sculptures. Renowned for their quality and elegance, these sculptures are among the most coveted collectibles in the world.

Using molten aluminum, the graceful free-formed pieces are individually hand poured into sand molds at a temperature of over 1000°F. After cooling, the solid aluminum sculpture is hand polished to a smooth, non-tarnish, care-free finish.

As no two pieces are finished quite the same, this makes each one truly an object of art, with every sculpture having a simple unique definition all its own. These beautifully created examples of animals, birds, nautica, sports figures, corporate and professional gifts capture the hearts and imaginations of all.

Each piece is shipped in its own blue and silver colored gift box. Sold wherever one expects to discover truly unique and affordable gifts.

Hoselton is distrubted in the USA by Great Concepts Inc.
All prices shown are US Dollars.

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Hoselton Sculptures in Aluminum